Babbar measures the web

Babbar gives you the metrics to understand the web. Easily estimate the trust, popularity and topic of any website. Babbar helps you find the best media to put your ads or links.

A private beta version is in progress. You can join the waiting list for this private beta.

The features of

The perfect tool to measure the web, currently in beta version, aims to offer a set of essential features for all web marketers and web practitioners wishing to know more about the web.

Popularity calculation

Babbar will help you decipher the most important pages and websites on the web, making it an essential tool for your backlink strategy.

Trust calculation

Babbar calculates the trust score of entire websites and their associated pages, identifying the most reliable targets.

Backlinks analysis

Babbar provides complete lists of links pointing towards your website, helping you uncover the origin of your popularity. Babbar gives you an head start helping your discover your competitors' netlinking strategy.


Babbar's algorithm categorizes websites by analysing their content. Babbar helps you determine which websites are the most suitable for your own content.


Measuring the web for your purpose

Babbar is designed to help the web marketer and web practionner at all times to make the best decisions when it comes to taking into account the popularity, trust or topic of a web page, or a website.

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With our wide range of features, you can efficiently measure the popularity and the trust of any known web page or website.

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Babbar is currently in beta version. We are rapidly expanding our URL database and user base.


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